Your e-shop just 3 clicks away?

Good things take time

Your very own online business

Do you live for what you do? Don’t let a low quality* e-shop bring your business down.

* inadequate functions, clutter and outdated appearances, failures, not user-friendly, unresponsive support...

  • According to your wishes

    BizBox does not bind you to the predefined templates. We will prepare whatever you desire. Your site will perfectly suit you and your customers.

  • You don’t have to know how to program

    If you are not developers, we will create your web site utterly to your liking. We will not stop caring even at the moment your business attains perfection.

  • You always have a free hand

    Anyone can edit pages in BizBox. At your disposal, you have the WYSIWYG editor, where you can write your own articles, change banners, edit text and communicate with customers.

  • Let them shine

    Make it easier to customers to choose! You can present products in many ways – special offers, best sellers, accessories, ... and also use product comparisons.

  • BizBox knows no limits

    We will not limit the number of products sold, nor their nature. Sell goods, software, photos and tickets. Electronic products can be distributed automatically, including any licensing operations.

  • Link and share

    You do not need to manually add products. Your products can be automatically imported to Bizbox... everyday, in order to make your catalog up to date without hassle.

  • Reliable

    We use many payment gateways, so customers can pay you instantly and in complete safety. We follow the latest trends, so that your shop is always one step ahead of the competition.

  • Pamper your customers

    With us you have a detailed view of customers, their orders, and behavior. You have a unique opportunity to show them that you care.

  • Leave it to BizBox

    Your customers do not have to wait for email confirmation of the order and its subsequent payment, because all of this will be automatically sent at the right time. As well as matching payments with the order.

Automated sales

Let BizBox work for you. Make your work easier and automate for maximum performance.


EET, GDPR consents, sales to the EU and taxes – we solved all these issues ages ago for you.

Not pre-packaged

An E-shop from us is just for you. We don't have one solution for everyone. Stand out.

Multichannel sales

B2C, B2B, dropshipping, Aukro, Amazon, and the like? We're ready for that.

Quick support

We will never turn our back on you. We are your partner and will always be available.

Our Satisfied Customers

Features you will truly appreciate

Easy to adjust websites
Marketing tools, advanced work with SEO
Discounts, vouchers, and campaigns
Automation all the way to production of ERP for managing the production demand
Detailed product settings and work with inventories
Translation Centre for the perfect localization of your site
Connection to a number of payment gateways
Change management, price lists, e-mails and invoices
Powerful sales measurements and creation of stats
All BizBox updates are free
Integration with your systems
100% responsive design

Do you also sell to companies?

Complete solutions for B2B sales as well as cooperation with wholesalers.

  • Fully customizable appearance

    Just like with B2C e-shops, here you have the store’s look completely in your hands. You will finally have a website which meets the needs of you and your customers.

  • Deliver

    Let other e-shops and dealers offer to sell your goods and then view the resulting orders comfortably. Have no concerns regarding Dropshipping with Bizbox.

  • According to customers’ wishes

    We tailor the product catalog to the needs of your B2B partners so that they fully comply with orders which will be sent quickly and easily.

  • Full automation is a must

    Your product catalog can be taken directly from your product database. Including prices. We can synchronize them several times a day.

  • Tentative demand

    They don’t have to end up like classical orders. Let your partners create a non-binding demand to which you put together offers. If the partners accept, there will no longer be a binding order.

  • Special prices and sales

    For partners, you can set not only special price campaigns and volume discounts, but also different payment methods and terms for supplying. We do not limit you, and you do not have to limit your business.

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