Functions and advantages

We know that quality business must fully reflect current trends! They have to adapt to your needs and requirements. If you are only the type who likes lists, please continue to the list below. Otherwise, we have prepared a brief summary of the most important features of BizBox.

Flexible solutions

Always new functions

Your business is growing with you – we constantly develop and add new features in regular updates.

More domains for one price.

Sell to the Czech Republic and Slovakia on one website, under different domains and with different settings.

Fully editable templates

Thanks to our unique approach to templates we are able to prepare almost any modifications. Or you can as well if you are familiar with HTML.

Real product variants

With us, you do not have to choose only one variant for the products. The product can have any number – color, size and even material.

Product feeds

For everyone else – Heureka, Zbojí, Glami, Facebook or your subscribers. Publicly available or encrypted.

Wholesale Tools

Partner pricelists, registration, customization in cart, possibility to sell from more branches in different countries ...

Warehouses, receipts and vouchers

Comprehensive warehouse management - stock cards, receipts, purchase prices, vouchers, transfers, batches, expiration dates ...

Various user roles

Clever division of roles for bigger teams – administrator, warehouse manager, webmaster, product manager, price lister, blog administrator, ...

Unlimited data

Don't be limited anymore, don't be afraid to give your customers access to everything – just for the cost of sophisticated S3 tools.

Always up to date

We are constantly improving the BizBox and moving up. So we'll update your system with regular updates. Completely free.


Feedback is important! Our support responds quickly and is very happy for all your comments. New requirements and suggestions for adjustments are most useful to us.

Linking to whatever

Do they supply you? Do you supply them? We'll connect you. Do you have accounting? Warehouses? Anything else? We'll put everything together to make it work.

And bonuses with that!

Because we want to pamper you.

Introductory analysis

We'll see how you are managing now. We will also analyze your existing e-shop and propose adjustments. That is why you are moving to us.

SSL certificate free

It is no longer possible without a certificate today. We will arrange everything for free (including extension).


See a basic overview of the features that are always available to you. We regularly extend functionality in monthly system updates – these are available automatically and completely free of charge. You do not download anything nor do you install anything and, you will have our quick support for any assistance.


Unlimited amount of products in the catalog
Different product types – variations, sets, electronic products, documents, photos, tickets, gift vouchers ...
Bulk exports and imports of products (Excel, XML).
Automated exports from suppliers (product and stock data).
Filters by different attributes (code, name, URL address, manufacturer, brand, category, price list, tags, creation / change date, ...).
Setting up accessories, alternatives, related products.
Product reviews and comments.
Automatic generation of XML feeds (Heureka, Zbozi, ...).
Manually or automatically selected similar products.
EAN, serial numbers, license numbers, and product codes for external service communications.
Units of measurement.
Manufacturer data, brand, unlimited image gallery, videos, downloads, tags, and any custom attributes.
Bulk actions (adjusting settings, deleting, ...).
Set free shipping for specific products.
Definition of transport for specific products.
Minimum and maximum order quantity.
Dimensions and weight for the right choice of transport.
Product Category Tree; categorizing products.
Supplier section for products which the external supplier is responsible for sending.
Parametric Web Search.
Comparator, favorites.
View the best-selling products, news and re-stocked products.


Comprehensive inventory management – receipts, issues and transfers for multiple warehouses.
Warehouse history (stock movements including orders for which the goods were issued).
Purchase prices to calculate total order costs.
Batch and expiration date.
Management and setup of stock availability.
Creating and displaying scheduled deliveries on the web.
Links to external warehouses.
Administration of packing materials.
Separate application for shipping departments (shipment records and packages, sending information to carriers).

Orders and Sales

Editing and managing orders.
Quick view of orders.
Generate invoices, advance invoices, corrective tax documents, delivery notes and other documents.
Cash orders – the possibility of selling in your small brick and mortar shop or on sale events.
Agreements – Information written on the next customer order.
Price groups and special price lists.
Possibility of dynamic settings for bulk purchase discounts.
Automatic emails (order creation, payment, forwarding to carrier, after-sales email, ...).
Possibility of connection to SMS gateway.
Abandoned baskets including automatic emailing.
Adjustable shipping / payment prices by price or order weight.
Complete support for GDPR.
Sales automation not only for electronic products.
Tracking delivery status and tracking number records.
Order cost management, margin calculation.
Calculation of recommended delivery method.
Customer Classification.
Superlogin option.
Customer portal with order overview and possibility to download invoices and documents.
Manage complaints and withdrawals from contracts.
View QR code on your invoices.
Connect with economic systems (including order, stock, or invoice export synchronization).
Link to Heureku a Zboží.

Prices and marketing

Multi-currency (multi-currency sales in one e-shop).
Current exchange rates for prices and costs.
Price levels when using multiple price lists at once.
Time-limited discount prices.
Daily deals – time limited discount with time deduction.
Discount vouchers (percentage discounts, specific amounts, restrictions on selected products, ...).
Discounts – global as well resticted by settings (2 + 1, by user, order amount, total order volume, ...).
Loyalty program.
Gifts with purchase.
Bulk sales.
Discounts with registration.
Online chat.
Content campaigns for visual site changes.
Product feeds (Heureka, Zbozi, Idealo, Kelkoo, Ceneo, Glami, Google Shopping, Facebook, ...).
Affiliate marketing.
Abandoned shopping carts.
Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics + Enhanced E-commerce.
Facebook Pixel.
Conversion codes.

External system integration./h3>

Payments and payment gateways

GB Webpay
FIO banka

Transport and carriers

Balíkobot, API
Zásilkovna, API
Česká pošta
Pošta bez hranic
Free shipping.


Mall charged - from 40 USD
Baselinker charged - from 40 USD
EDI charged - individual prices
Automatic processing of supplier data charged - individual prices
Individual imports and exports charged - from 20 USD

E-shop (web)

Template to your liking and requirements.
Preparation of the mobile version.
Custom made adjustments.
Easy site preparation – WYSIWYG editor.
Development mode for e-shop testing.
Blog and article writing component.
Manage banners, news, references and galleries.
Multiple language, translation center.
Dynamic navigation and menu creation.
Check-in optimization.
Complete template management (including email and documents).
File manager.
Use of CDN.
Possibility of linking with Amazon S3 external storage.
Running multiple separate pages from one administration.
Tools for working with SEO.
Free SSL certificate.
Constant system updates for free.


Web Administration, Entire System is Online – Without installation and download.
Project system – preparation of changes and check before production approval.
Bulk edit records.
Export and import of data.
User role settings.
Automatic daily backups.
ESB interface for communication with other systems.