What's the price and why?

E-shops on the BizBox platform are hosted, you pay a monthly fee, and you can use all the features for this and don't have to worry about technical issues. We deal with them for you and take advantage of Amazon's industry-leading services.

The price does not depend on the number of functions you use, we have one basic price – you do not need to buy anything and calculate whether the function is even more convenient for you. The price does not depend on the number of features as we simply give you all the features without limitations! And even the others we are constantly preparing.

You will only pay us for taking care of technical matters and support. At the same time you have the possibility to run not only Czech and Slovak (or even Polish, German or any other) e-shop at the same time.

Cena od: 2 490 Kč / month
  • All B2C functionality available without limits – no payment for additional modules and applications; nor for the new functionality that we regularly extend.
  • More of your own domains, free SSL certificate, sales to Czech and Slovak Republic. So you have more e-shops in one.
  • No limitations on stored data (pay only for custom storage and data), number of products, or storage size.
  • Any number of language mutations.
  • Unlimited number of pages and menu structure.
  • Fully editable site template.
  • Manage content with a visual editor or edit source codes.
  • Publishing articles, news, galleries, references, contacts, subscription to newsletter.
  • And a lot of other useful things ...

See a list of benefits and features

We will prepare the project with you

  • No binding predefined templates; e-shop design is according to your wishes.
  • We provide data transfer from existing e-shops.
  • A dedicated specialist who will be in charge of your project and arrange everything with you.
  • We will only need you to get an idea, comments and a little time.

And what are our typical projects?
Most often we cooperate with customers, who are not fully satisfied with the current e-shop type solutions not having the possibility of changes, while at the same time who know that a customized e-shop is an unnecessarily big investment. Customers need to innovate their current e-shops, and usually expect gradual development from other markets (abroad) or features (payments, shipping, e-marketing activities), and also want to automate activities and stay in touch with us and actively use the services and support we offer.

We can do big solutions

Are you doing B2B? Want to sell all over Europe? Do you need maximum integration with several different software tools that your employees use on a daily basis (product management, CRM, accounting, warehouses, ...)?

We're ready!

BizBox is very flexible, and we not only deal with B2C e-shops and presentation sites, but also with B2B sales solutions, interconnected microwebs, demand catalogs, all the while including language mutations and currencies, separate domains, integration and automation capabilities.

The price for such a complex system from BizBox is then tailored to your project's needs. Depending on your business parameters (number of sales regions, degree of automation required, infrastructure size, special requirements, and so on), we will create a specific plan for you. If your needs and goals change, your BizBox will change with them.